The teachers of Paulba National High School had their faculty meeting
yesterday, July 27, 2017 at the faculty room. Important matters were
discussed and these are as follow.

1. Important reminders from the principal
2. Intramurals 2017 (Ma’am Nanette)
3. Buwan ng Wika (Ma’am Ana Nacional)
4. NDEP (Ma’am Salve)
5. Re-echo of the seminar attended by Ma’am Rosie

Sir Jopet reminded the teachers about the IPCFR and the Instructional
Supervision Form. He also mentioned about the strict implementation
of “No using of cellphone” inside the classroom during class hours. He
reminded the teachers to be the role models of the said rule. Other
concerns about the proper wearing of school uniform and proper waste
segregation were also brought out.    

Ma’am Nanette, the MAPEH Coordinator ,discussed the activities for
the upcoming Intramurals 2017 with the theme: One Team, One Heart,
One Spirit through Wellness and Sport. She also informed us about the
Ma’am Ana Nacional, one of the Filipino teachers, talked about the
upcoming celebration of Buwan ng Wika. She informed us of the
weekly themes and activities which will be done all throughout the
month of August. The committee chairmen and members were also
informed. She also reminded us that Filipino language will be used as
the medium of communication in all school transactions.

Ma’am Salve Poseran, the NDEP coordinator, discussed to us the
things she have learned from the seminar that she have attended. She
mentioned that as much as possible the teachers will integrate in their
lesson plans the awareness about the illegal drugs. She also informed
us of the  plan of activities that she have made so that the school
community will become more aware about the issue on illegal drugs.
The said activities include the following: Bulletin Board Making, Poster
Making, Slogan Making, and Essay Writing.

Ma’am Rosie re-echoed her insights from the seminar that she have
attended. She talked about the three categories of food that should be
offered in the school canteen. She imparted on us the different food
that belong to each category. She also made mention about the tip
given by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure having long
life. It is the “52100” - Five (5) servings of fruits and vegetables, Two
(2) hours of using gadgets (cellphones, tablets, TV, etc.), One (1) hour
of Physical Activities, Zero (0) or No Smoking, and Zero (0) or No
Sweet, No Salty, No Sweetened drinks and beverages .